The Jesus And Mary Chain Return

The Jesus And Mary Chain Return For Gigs In 2012

Following last year’s  deluxe reissue package, the Jesus and Mary Chain have announced their first shows since 2008. Unfortunately for us Brits they are US only dates so far. Their mysterious and enigmatic spokesman Kevin Smythe describes it as the band “dipping their toes in the water again.” As well as William and Jim Reid the Mary Chain line-up will include ex Lush bassist Phil King and The VPME’s  chum and former member John Moore. Will Bobby Gillespie return on drums? Probably not….

We asked John how long this had been in the offing to which he replied

“It’s taken me by surprise as well VP, When Jim called on Sunday night I thought he was going to tell me someone had died. I love the way he lands things on me. ‘what are you doing come the ides of March.’ we always speak in Shakespearean. If I’d said I was going to creosote the shed he’d have changed the subject. Lucky I didn’t.

Hopefully it’ll be more than four gigs…I’m envisaging a world tour, Rock’n’Roll Phileas Foggs. I always make a point of joining The Jesus And Mary Chain every quarter of a century.”

US dates are as follows and ticket info will be announced via the bands website

03-11 Denton, TX – 35 Denton Festival
03-12 New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
03-13 Houston, TX – House of Blues
03-14-18 Austin, TX – SXSW

You can hear Jim, John alongside former bassist Douglas Hart and ex drummer Murray Dalglish chat on our special Mary Chain podcast  HERE.



The Jesus And Mary Chain Podcast - The VPME

To celebrate the re-issue of all six studio albums as deluxe editions we present a special Jesus and Mary Chain podcast. Guests include Jim Reid and the gang  as we celebrate the genius of the  greatest band in the world.

Listen below (for the technically challenged click the green button 😉 ) or on Mixcloud.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to Jim, Douglas, John, Murray, Dave Cromwell and Honey Valentine. And of course William 🙂

Songs To Learn and Sing – Jim Reid And Jesus And Mary Chain Deluxe Albums

JAMC - Album reissues plus new Jim Reid song

“Black And Blues”  By Jim Reid.

Jim Reid of the Jesus And Mary Chain has previewed a new song on his soundcloud account and if that’s not enough to get fans of the Mary Chain excited  today also sees the first copies  of the much anticipated expanded Deluxe editions of all of the bands studio albums, starting with the seminal ‘Psychocandy‘. The deluxe expanded edition features all the non-album b-sides, as well as previously unreleased demos, rare outtakes including controversial early track “Jesus Fuck” which the pressing plant refused to manufacture at the time due to the blasphemous lyrics – Also included is a DVD featuring all the promo videos plus previously unreleased TV appearances, including their  live TV debut on the Old Grey Whistle Test,  and never before seen footage of the infamous riot at North London Polytechnic –including  interviews with all four original members, and scenes of the crowd destroying the venue!

3d Album Previews and Links to buy

The VPME Podcast – August 2011 – This IS Music



Hurrah and Huzzah ! It’s the  latest VPME podcast!!!  Featuring the best new music from the past, present and future and a Dj as intresting as socks .

Listen out for special guest appearances from the godlike  Jim Reid  of  80’s/90’s legends The Jesus & Mary Chain, Emma Andreson from Lush, plus songs by the likes of The Cramps, Suede,The  Psychedelic Furs nestling snugly alonside  new music from The Whip, Strangers, Seize The Chair, Pris, Freezepop  and Deep Cut. Click on the player below or if you prefer go to

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The ‘Talk When Artists Terminate Songs’ Campaign-The Curse Of Talking At Gigs

The T.W.A.T.S. Campaign . Aka  Shut the Fuck Up!

(Click image for MASSIVE hi-res  version to print off and take to gigs 😉 )


If you’re a regular gig goer I’m sure you’ve  noticed, over the last few years, the increasing  number of annoying,  imbecilic dullards in attendance  who decide to strike up a conversation at the exact point an artist/band begin their set.  I mean really, if you want to be a Facebook  staus update made flesh or have a good old chin wag why not stand at the back of the venue?  Or better still, do us all a fucking favour and stay at home where you can regale  all five of your twitter followers with the enthralling  minutiae of your tedious little life.  It’s incredibly rude, disrespectful and generally pisses everybody off . It’s not just puce faced, oak headed, knuckle dragging males that are to blame, pissed up females are just as guilty with their shrill giggling , group hugging and incessant high-fiving. At a Mary Chain gig this wouldn’t  be a problem (although in his youth Jim Reid may well have wrapped his mic stand around your neck)

Dealing With Hecklers Jesus And Mary Chain Style!

But when you get a band like Bats  for Lashes who, let’s face it, aren’t really about sonic fury, the last  person you want standing next to you is a bassoon voiced ignoramus who’s idea of  whispering makes Brian Blessed resemble Harpo Marx.  Have we really developed such a short attention span these days? So here at the VPME we say no more! We say it stops now and have produced the above T.W.A.T.S guide . We are looking to expand it to include more gig-going no-nos and irritations which you can email us or leave a message in the comments section.

For example is it really necessary to ring up a mate as soon as Laura Marling gently strums her guitar and bellow ‘I’M AT A LAURA MARLING GIG , YES, YES , IT’S WICKED… Sorry what, I CAN’T HEAR YOU?  …WHAT? WHAT?. . . Excuse me, Laura love? Can you keep it down a minute? I’m on the phone here? ’

Maybe this is the way to deal with it ?

Of course it’s not just inane chatter that may get your goat, it might be more general advice such as ‘It’s perfectly acceptable to approach the band, post gig and ask politely if they’d pose for a photo but if you do so make sure the flash is on and that you know how to work your camera  for fuck’s sake!”  I actually witnessed one fan take numerous photos with a singer who was fast developing a rictus grin. The last straw came when said fan reviewed the last photo and commented ‘Sorry, but you don’t look very nice on that at all so I’ll take some more!!’  Exasperated, she responded politely but firmly ‘sorry, I think that’s enough now, we do have to leave soon’  to which he retorted ‘Well thanks a lot!’  – I kid you not !

 So folks what are your gig going anathemas?  I realise this is not a new battle cry and has been highlighted by blogs and zines in the past but the more we draw attention to this issue  the better.


Here are some more discussions on the subject

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Ringo Deathstarr – Colour Trip Album Review.

Ringo Death Starr -‘Colour Trip’

Ringo Deathstarr -Colour Trip Album review

‘So High’ By Ringo Deathstarr.

‘Imagine Hearts’ (Free Download) By Ringo Deathstarr.

Some albums are released; some albums ‘drop’ and some albums are unleashed. The latter certainly applies to Texan based  trio, Ringo Deathstarr.  Their debut album ‘Colour Trip’ unleashes a riotous effect laden aural assault that very much takes it’s cue from shoegaze noise merchants such as  My Bloody Valentine and Ride  but combines it with the swaggering  wall-of-sound rock n roll/pop sensibility of The Jesus  & Mary Chain.  Or as guitarist Elliot Frazer puts rather more succinctly ‘“We write cool little pop songs but we just bury them under loud amounts of noise”

The off kilter disorientation of  album opener ‘Imagine Hearts’ in which bassist Alex Gehring assumes vocal duties,  sounds like  an angel being sucked into the roar of a jet engine. The blistering ‘Do It Everytime’ is prime cut Mary Chain with Eliott Frazer sounding uncannily like Jim Reid‘ So High’ is dream pop via The Shop Assistants and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, whilst ‘Two Girls’ conjures up  Lush/Cocteau Twin era shoegaze.

‘Colour Trip’ is a sonic juggernaut of an album, but unlike some ‘shoegaze’ style bands of recent years  the band have remembered noise and effects without tunes can often sound like, without putting too finer point on it, self indulgent  arse wankery.  And crucially beneath the pulsating reverb,  sonic squall and soaring guitar riffs Ringo Deathstarr  have also written some pretty darn fantastic pop tunes. Tracks such as ‘Tambourine Girl’ are infused with sonic beauty and raw power sounding rather like  MBV meets the Ramones whilst  ‘You Don’t Listen’ could quite happily sit next to the Jesus & Mary Chain’s ‘Upside Down’ without too much embarrassment.

Ultimately detractors will piss and moan stating this is nothing new and that this style of music has been done before, and done better. But really, who gives a flying f**k? We can over analyse everything in life, to such a point at which all the joy is extracted  from a given moment. Instead don’t get too hung up on what’s gone before, just sit back and enjoy the trip.

Album rating 8/10.



The Jesus And Mary Chain- Jim Reid on BBC 6 music

The Jesus And Mary Chain : Upside Down -The Best Of

“All Things Must Pass” By The Jesus And Mary Chain


Any new Mary Chain news in these here parts is good news and Jim Reid recently recorded an hour long special with Matt Everitt for  BBC 6 Music to discuss his life , career and the musical influences that shaped the Jesus And Mary Chain.  It’s part of the station’s ‘First Time’ series  and will be broadcast on  Sunday (7th November) at 12.00. You can listen again on-line for 7 days following broadcast. See link below.

Jim also features in “Upside Down”,  a documentary charting the history of Creation records, which also ties in with the release of a wonderful 2-disc retrospective-   Upside Down-The Best Of The Jesus And Mary Chain” .

We have been given exclusive permission to stream one of the tracks from compilation (see above),  a studio recording of “All Things Must Pass” originally released  on the soundtrack album for  the NBC television  show,  Heroes.  It’s also the first new song to be released by the Jesus and Mary Chain since 1998.

Other Mary Chain news?

Well last Christmas Jim adopted the mantle of an indie Val Doonican for our Christmas special and shared some of his fave tracks with us (HERE .)  And in October this year we interviewed Jim ( HERE ), with regard to the 25th Anniversary of  their classic Psychocandy album.

The delightful “God Is In The TV” webzine also asked us if we’d like to contribute to their “Touchstone Albums Of The 80’s “ series. There of course could only be one…..

Jesus and Mary Chain- ‘Psychocandy’(1985)

The Vaseline’s recent song “I Hate The 80’s’ certainly resonated with me, the eighties were for me, generally ‘shit.’ Greed, consumerism, Thatcher, ostentatious fashion, Stock Aitkin and Waterman, ozone shredding hair styles, Live Aid, Thatcher, yuppies, Thatcher, the horrific omnipresent gurning visage of Phil Collins, I could go on… Anyone who tells you it was any different wasn’t actually there. The post punk promise of the early eighties soon evaporated to make way for bands dressed up as if they’d covered themselves in super glue and ram raided a fancy dress shop. Their music wasn’t much better, producing the sort of soulless whine that would one day find its spiritual home as incidental music on a DFS commercial (alongside Martin Kemp!!) The sight of these prancing preening peacocks on TOTP’s was a spirit crushing affair; it really felt like punk had never happened and the old order wasted little time in re-establishing itself as a purveyor of all things shite.

Despite the occasional shaft of light from the likes of The Cure, the Bunnymen, the Smiths, and some fantastic Indie labels, it wasn’t until 1985 that a band emerged who put the excitement back into an increasingly flaccid music scene. Two Scottish brothers broke cover from their bedroom studio with a collection of incendiary songs and a début album that was destined to be a classic, no, no, I’m not talking about the Proclaimers , I refer to Jim and William Reid, The Jesus and Mary Chain and their seminal album ‘Psychocandy’ .

These boys were not only writers of melodious pop, but true iconoclasts who had a deep understanding of rock n roll history and it’s mythology. Taking Phil Sectors’ musical template the Reid’s beat the living shit out of it, fusing distortion with melody, brutality with tenderness. I suppose to describe an album as ‘influential’ is fatuous unless you qualify that assertion, I mean I’m sure Haircut 100 *influenced* people of no fixed musical taste, but let’s face it they were complete guff and besides it’s *who* and *what* you influence that matters. So forget the riots and violence of the Mary Chain’s early shows, that was merely a distraction, a media circus, and should not obfuscate the influence and impact ‘Psychocandy’ had. It made white noise acceptable, and it’s effect was huge and wide ranging paving the way for many bands who are now regarded as musical deities. 25 years on since its release ‘Psychocandy’ is still regarded as a defining moment in 1980’s indie guitar music and regularly appears in ‘best ever’ albums list.

If you still haven’t heard the album you really should remedy the situation forthwith, it’s a timeless album *from* the 80’s but not really *of* the 80’s . It still sounds as wonderful today as it did way back in 85, truly a classic.