Rapid Reviews – Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

On a personal level you could certainly understand Lana Del Rey if she disagreed with the epigram "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." It's difficult to think of a singer who has had to endure such a vitriolic backlash before having even released an album and it must... Continue Reading →

Track Of The Day – Lana Del Rey – Born To Die Remix

I'm getting a little irritated with this whole rather nasty Lana Del Rey backlash thing. Even more so since it scaled new heights of hysteria and malicious hand-rubbing following a faltering performance on Saturday Night Live from Ms Dey Rey. Jesus, she was nervous and didn't do her self justice, it happens, get some perspective... Continue Reading →

Something For The Weekend-10/06/2010

This Week – This Many Boyfriends, The Chakras Everything, Everything, Lana del Rey, Run Toto Run, MFlow and Space Monkeys ! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ SONG OF THE WEEK 1 This Many Boyfriends "I Should Be A Communist" By This Many Boyfriends Culling their name from a Beat Happening song, Leeds-based quintet This Many Boyfriends nail their manifesto... Continue Reading →

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