VPME – Track Of The Day – Sheen – “One Step.”

Unlike London based blogs we sometimes feel a tad left out up here in the frozen north, consoled only by our warm beer, pies, our amusing flat cap collection and our prize winning whippets.  If we had a pound for every time a manager, record label or PR company asked us if we'd like to... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – Dead Social Club, Sarah Williams White, Richard Earls And French Wives.

Dead Social Club.  Dead Social Club are  six-piece electronic indie band formed in South London in 2009. There's certainly a vaugue hint of a less doom laden Depeche Mode in the vocal delivery  combined with  a dash of  80's post punk, yet they manage to make it sound fresh and vital with big chourus's that... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – Exlovers, Emmy The Great And Tim Wheeler. Plus Scouse Gits and Action Aid.

"Starlight, Starlight" By Exlovers. Almost time for us bloggers to start tipping who we hope will do well in 2012,  well here's a spoiler, exlovers are definitely on our  list. They may not be new kids on the block but their debut album  ‘Moth’ is due in Spring next year and promises to be one... Continue Reading →

They Aint Heavy – Elephant Interview.

"Assembly" By Elephant. Free Download over at Bandcamp! *************************** Memphis Industries are a record label I’ve admired for some time , a label that manages to pluck pearls from the raging sea of musical inanity and provide shelter and artistic succor  to a diverse mix of interesting artists ranging from the likes of Tokyo Police... Continue Reading →

Dark Romance – The Jezabels Interview.

"Endless Summer" By The Jezabels. "Disco Biscuit Love" By The Jezabels. Australian quartet The Jezabels are a band who readily admit they “love a bit of drama” and you half suspect that they could transform something as mundane as strolling to procure the Sunday morning newspaper into a soaring epic, angst ridden song about heartache,... Continue Reading →

Dum Dum Girls Only In Dreams Competition

Well we’ve raved over Dum Dum Girls second album ‘Only In Dreams’ describing it as “a genuine slice of  pop genius and as such ought to be mentioned in the same breath as canonised classics such as ‘Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes,’  Blondie’s ‘Parallel Lines’ or The Ramones ‘Leave Home.’  You can read the full review... Continue Reading →

Lucy Rose Interview.

"Bikes" By Lucy Rose. "Scar" By Lucy Rose. There’s certainly been no shortage of intelligent, talented, female singer songwriters of  late.  From the egregious cauterwauling of Florence, a lady who on occasion can make Al Pachino’s worst excesses appear quite restrained and dignified, right through to the dour understated beauty of Laura Marling’s quiet introspection,... Continue Reading →

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