The VPME Podcast Episode 3 June 2011

Yes, it's back !  June's VPME  podcast features classic tracks nestling coquettishly next to new and upcoming artists. Hosted by Ringo Von Pip there's surely something here for everyone, oh and keep an ear out for some special guests too. Listen below or go straight to mixcloud Related articles "Two Men Arrested In Joss Stone... Continue Reading →

The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast Episode 1- April 2011.

Ever dreamt about  listening to music presented by somebody who looks like Bill Oddie's  tiny wizened scrotum with a sad little face drawn on it, yet who sounds like an intoxicating mix of  Ian McCulloch fused with Ringo Starr inside a beehive situated  in Brookside Close ? You have? Well listen to The Von Pip... Continue Reading →

Something For The (Easter) Weekend 2/04/2010

This week Dum Dum Girls, Gloria Cycles, The Lodger, Freebass ft Pete Wylie, The Candle Thieves Album Review, The Ruby Suns, Oclet, Jim Kerr Tokyo Police Club, The Digital Economy Bill and Lush _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dum Dum Girls – Jail La La We serioulsy ♥ Dum Dum Girls! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Gloria Cycles –Debut Album 'CAMPSITE DISCOTHEQUE’  Released... Continue Reading →

Live A Little, Love A Lot -Moose Interview

"Jack" By Moose Moose may have flown under many peoples radar in the early 1990’s despite being the band that inadvertently helped coin the term “shoegaze.” In spite of their music being an artistic and critical triumph they pretty much remained a glorious cult throughout their career. The public seemed to prefer the reverb soaked... Continue Reading →

Seinking Ships Featuring Miki Berenyi

When the news surfaced that Lush's Miki Berenyi was guesting on Eric Matthews and Christopher Seinks project, "Seinking Ships", there was much rejoicing in the VPME office. Since Lush split Miki's appearances have been few and far between, partly due to her disillusionment with the record industry ( Miki: "I’m like Les McQueen in The... Continue Reading →

Looney Tubes! Warner Brothers Vs YouTube

Corpy Pig By Mister Lion Many Youtube users may have noticed that their uploaded videos featuring their favourite bands music have been mysteriously disappearing from the popular on-line video sharing site. It appears that this is due to negotiations between YouTube and Warner Brothers breaking down over the thorny issue of music licensing,copyright infringement and... Continue Reading →

Ace Of Bass …Phil King Interview

"Undertow" By Lush. We conclude our Lush trilogy with an interview with Phil King, former bassist with Lush and  member of the Jesus and Mary Chain.  Phil  replaced original Lush  bassist Steve Rippon, who left the band in 1992 after developing a phobia of sitting in inordinately  large  trees playing “air bass” for video shoots.   ... Continue Reading →

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