Ones To Watch in 2011

Ones To Watch in 2011 1. The Good Natured ‘Be My Animal’ By The Good Natured We’ve featured  Sarah McIntosh-The Good Natured, a fair bit in 2010, and hopefully 2011 will see her star continue to rise. Picture a less imperious Ladytron or maybe Dubstar with empathy or even La Roux devoid of reedy voice... Continue Reading →

When Push Comes To Shove-Seeräuber Jenny Interview.

'Push it Away'/ 'Waste of Time' By Seerauber Jenny. "Firefly" By Seeräuber Jenny (free download). With my impending unemployment about to explode all over me like a shit filled water balloon, my email inbox has been the subject of intense scrutiny of late as I surf the veritable tsunami of job offers and business proposals.... Continue Reading →

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