The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast – January 2012

The VPME Podcast January 2012

The news is fucking depressing isn’t it ?   Cuts, cuts and yet more cuts and then when you think it can’t possibly get any worse you observe the ghastly school matronly visage of  The Daily Heil’s Obergruppenführer, Melanie Phillips  on BBC’s Question Time, blithely lecturing us about what is right

“We should lay off the bankers, I really don’t approve of this lynch mob mentality at all, instead  it is right and correct to attack the real enemy within,  I refer of course to the “undeserving poor”. In fact let us convince the “working poor” that it is actually the people who claim benefit who have caused this financial shit storm and not the cuddly and much maligned bankers.   And then I, Melanie Fuckwit of Fleet Street can continue to complacently chortle into my champagne flute with my rich privileged  friends, whilst the proles slug it out. They really are very dim, just give ’em X Factor and cheap booze and they are as happy as the proverbial  pigs in shit. Oh and let’s bomb Iran too – of course I won’t be sending my son or daughter into war , but hey , we can put the poor to work and get the unemployment figures down too – it’s a win, win!”

ARGGGH!   So turn off your TV, put your feet up, unplug your Jukebox and try another flavour.  Here at the VPME we’ll  try  to soothe away  your worries and provide escape and hope in the shape of our our latest pod-cast!  And let us not forget “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”  I mean what are you without hope ?  A shrivelled, soulless slime sucking  shell, devoid of compassion and humanity. In short. . . Melanie Phillips.

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The Von Pip Musical Express Christmas Special Podcast

The VPME Christmas  Podcast 2011

Ahead of our album of the year special it’s time to . . . .

Jingle your bells, polish your baubles and roast you chestnuts on an open fire along to this special festive edition of the VPME podcast.  Including festive tracks from The Ramones, the Cocteau Twins, Low, The Raveonettes, Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler, The Pogues and much more

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The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast – Episode 7 – November 2011

The Von Pip Musical Express podcast featuring an eclectic mix of indie classics and the best new music around. This month we feature the awesomely excellent Two Wounded Birds, sure to be big in 2012 Beth Jeans Houghton, the dark majesty of The Bookhouse Boys, the frenetic sparkling beautiful melancholy of  Veronica Falls alongside indie gods such as  The Cure, The Jesus And Mary Chain And Magazine amongst others. Listen out for special guest appearances and maybe even a  Hollywood legend (or not!! 🙂 )

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The VPME Podcast Episode 6 – October 2011

The VPME Podcast - October 2011 Episode 6

The VPME Podcast, featuring the best music from the past present and future! Curated by Andy Von Pip whose unique upbeat, effervescent presenting style has been compared to Eeyore the donkey in a coma on a wet Tuesday in Hartlepool

…. With special guest appearances from Dum Dum Girls, Sarah Nixey, Howling Bells, Kyla La Grange, Lush and loads more.

Listen below or on Mixcloud here

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The Jesus And Mary Chain Podcast - The VPME

To celebrate the re-issue of all six studio albums as deluxe editions we present a special Jesus and Mary Chain podcast. Guests include Jim Reid and the gang  as we celebrate the genius of the  greatest band in the world.

Listen below (for the technically challenged click the green button 😉 ) or on Mixcloud.

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Thanks to Jim, Douglas, John, Murray, Dave Cromwell and Honey Valentine. And of course William 🙂

Songs To Learn And Sing – Milk Maid, Kyla La Grange, War Of The Wangs, The Good Natured remix, The Horrors and more.. Pris Video..

Songs To Learn And Sing – Milk Maid,  New Pris video- War Of The Wangs, Kyla La Grange, The Good Natured remix,   Paintings Of Ships,  The Dead Fronts and a new Mixcloud app!

Milkmaid New Single


Milk Maid’s  single ‘Not Me’  sounds rather like one of those wonderful early Creation Record releases, there’s a hint of the chiming guitars of  The House Of Love combined the shambling laconic cool of  a lo fi Mary Chain . It’s surf punk for people who really couldn’t be arsed surfing and as such is ten shades of wonderful.


 Pris – The Better You Look The More You See- Video!

We like Pris so much we gave them some our old vinyl. . . . and here’s the result!

We were also involved in a Twitter rumble, christened  #Warofthewangs or #Wanggate.  The always excellent  Breaking More Waves blog  gave an amusing and well balanced account of how events unfolded,  have a read HERE.  The over-sensitive may be offended and also have to google what a “wang” actually is before deciding to become outraged.  And of course we marked ‘War Of the Wangs”  with a slap-up meal, as you do !

Von Pip - Huge Wang

War Of the Wangs


 Kyla La Grange‘Been Better’

Kyla La Grange, Photo credit to Debbie ScanlanPhoto © Debbie Scanlan

Kyla la Grange was one of our tips for big things over the next year or two and her latest offering  has confirmed we were quite right, it’s Marianne Faithful meets Stevie Nicks in a smoky, gin soaked bar  and it’s also available as free download. Which makes it a double whammy of goodness.


 The Good Natured Remix !

The Good Natured Skeleton Remix

As regular readers will know, we love  The Good Natured and will shout it from the rooftops, because……, well,. . . that’s what blogs do!  And maybe that’s the  big difference between blogs  and at least someof the  bandwagon jumping hipsters who reside within the confines of the more  traditional music press ? These scamps are paid to be hip and wear twatty Camden hats whilst snorting Sadie Frost’s toe nail clippings and as such it could be argued that some of their number have no real emotional investment in their tips, it’s purely about the ‘being seen to be hip’ – one up-manship and a step ladder towards the nirvana that is writing for lads mags and Tog Gear monthly. Bloggers generally tend to  promote artists we love because we believe in them, sometimes naively, sometimes unconditionally but always genuinely, there are no agendas and  I think that matters … a small way. But I digress, the Good Natured have  just released a new re-mix from their forthcoming ‘Skeleton’ EP – Check it out below.


The HorrorsStill Life.

Well, well, well , never in my wildest dreams (usually the one involving  Charlize  Theron and a deserted library..ahem.. ) did I expect to be blogging positively about the Horrors! As a bit of an old school punky/goth, I found their early work a trifle banal. You see I didn’t feel they were using their influences to produce anything remotely interesting …merely aping them… badly.   I didn’t soil my pants with unbridled glee at Primary Colours’  and although I felt it had a couple of interesting moments, I found the reverence  many bestowed upon it a trifle baffling. However I am nothing if not open minded and I must confess I love ‘Still Life’ . It’s moody,  majestic, joyous and magnificent, like being led from the darkness into the light!  Praise the lord I was blind, but now I see….Ok, Ok I’ll leave it at that.   Maybe The Horrors will finally win me over when their latest album ‘Skying’ is released? I really do hope so, I genuinely don’t listen to new music with the intention of being seriously underwhelmed.  And so for now I can forget the hair, the hype and the rather dubious name checking of some of my favourite bands if they continue to prouduce songs as enjoyable as ‘Still Life’.


Paintings Of Ships – ‘Love Will Always Follow You’

Paintings Of Ships

Heavily influenced by guitar music of the 90s from Sonic Youth to Blur, Paintings Of Ships  is made up by Londoner Daniel Clancy on guitar/vocals, Middlesbrough lass Catherine Wilson on bass/vocals and drummer Matt Hill – the only thing to come out of Asby-de-la-Zouch apart from the  Young Knives and Cat from Pris.


The Dead Fronts.

The will be releasing their first single ‘You And Me’ as a free download via their bandcamp page on 27th June , but you can preview it here.


Mix Cloud Release I-Phone App

And finally,  there’s a new mixcloud app available for I phones/I-Touchs HERE,  enabling you to enjoy our podcasts where ever you are  (HERE). Imagine it ! A little scouse DJ in your pocket, like some sort of musical Jiminy Cricket !!! !!! What will they think of next !

The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast Episode 1- April 2011.

The VPME Podcast


Ever dreamt about  listening to music presented by somebody who looks like Bill Oddie‘s  tiny wizened scrotum with a sad little face drawn on it, yet who sounds like an intoxicating mix of  Ian McCulloch fused with Ringo Starr inside a beehive situated  in Brookside Close ? You have? Well listen to The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast Episode 1- April 2011 Cloudcast on Mixcloud or below for musical and spiritual fulfillment.

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[Ps you can scroll through the podcast by clicking on the bar right at the bottom of the ‘cast’  if you so wish]

Thanks to Cat fom Pris, Drew From Islington Boys Club, Julia from the Indelicates, Laura from Dimbleby and Capper, Sarah from Let’s Buy Happiness and Dave Cromwell from NYC.