Ladytron – “Gravity The Seducer” – Review / Interview.

Photo Credit - Michele Civetta. ‘Melting Ice’  By Ladytron.  ‘Moon Place’ By Ladytron.   ************************** Brian Eno once described Ladytron as a band who posses “a full awareness of what’s happening everywhere in music which is interwoven to produce  something quite new”  they are, he went on to say, “the best of English pop music.”... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – Love Scenes, Strangers, The Whip, The Good Natured, Howling Bells And Other Lives

This week : -  Love Scenes, Strangers, The Whip,  The Good Natured, Howling Bells And Other Lives. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Love Scenes. This came via an email, and admittedly we weren’t previously aware of Love Scenes, a collaboration between two Buffalo locals, Leah Loefke & TJ Grace. They produce understated, wistful electronic indie pop in the same... Continue Reading →

Performance-Red Brick Heart

Once tipped as the next big thing, Mancunian electro-pop outfit Performance seemed to be on the cusp of greatness then- ‘ Boom!’ cue self implosion, in-fighting  and the loss of a major label deal, leaving a  divided band who were barely on speaking terms.   But Performance have survived, regrouped, reorganised and rediscovered their love for... Continue Reading →

The Jesus And Mary Chain-Psychocandy 25th Anniversary-Jim Reid Interview

“Just Like Honey” –By The Jesus & Mary Chain. How do you decide which is your favourite album, like, ever? What rules or tests apply? Is it really about the music or is it linked to a time in your life you’d dearly wish to revisit?  For me it’s a fairly straightforward question,  it’s quite... Continue Reading →

“Are We Not Men?” – MEN Interview

MEN’s debut single can be enjoyed on many levels- as you might expect it has a hard hitting message but ‘Credit Card Babies’ could also well be one of the most catchy and infectious dance tunes of the year. True, it’s lyrical content means it’s unlikely to bet be shown too much love from day time radio. And it’s doubtful MEN are going to be lad’s mag aficionado and all round cretin, Chris Moyles favourite new band, but it’s also surprisingly more ‘pop’ sounding then many might of anticipated from JD and chums.

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