The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast – January 2012

The news is fucking depressing isn't it ?   Cuts, cuts and yet more cuts and then when you think it can't possibly get any worse you observe the ghastly school matronly visage of  The Daily Heil's Obergruppenführer, Melanie Phillips  on BBC's Question Time, blithely lecturing us about what is right - "We should lay off the... Continue Reading →

Question Time With – Dimbleby And Capper.

‘Let You  Go’ By Dimbleby And Capper. ‘Raise It Right’ By Dimbleby And Capper. Laura Bettinson’s first foray into music was very much a piano based affair. But when it came to gigging around London’s numerous venues, she quickly realised that despite the popular myth, a large proportion of the capital’s pubs and clubs do... Continue Reading →

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