The VPME Podcast Episode 3 June 2011

The VPME Podcast Episode 3- June 2011


Yes, it’s back !  June’s VPME  podcast features classic tracks nestling coquettishly next to new and upcoming artists. Hosted by Ringo Von Pip there’s surely something here for everyone, oh and keep an ear out for some special guests too. Listen below

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‘David Koresh Superstar’ – The Indelicates.

David Koresh Superstar - The Indelicates

‘I Am Koresh’ By The Indelicates.


Download the Album HERE

Ok, so I don’t generally do musicals, all that  scripted ‘spontaneity,’ bursting into song at inappropriate times, ham-fisted lyrics and jazz hands a go-go, sorry but y’know, it just ain’t really my bag.  My prejudice has  been further reinforced over the years by being made  to watch cringe inducing student theatre after dating a drama student,  Ben Elton’s dreadful rock opera vanity projects, ‘American Idiot’ on Broadway and of course  the utter shitefest that is “Glee”.  I’m also deeply suspicious of the ‘concept album,’ the reason is really quite simple and can be summed up in two words,  ‘Rick Wakeman.’   I suspect anybody who has had the misfortune to  listen to something so fundamentally narcissistic, dim-witted and crass  as “Myths and Legends of King Arthur and The Knights Of The Round Tablewill concur that you can actually feel your ears wither and your intellect recede when faced with  such utter tosh.

Given my introductory paragraph you’d think that when news reached me  of a band  set to  release a concept album based on the life of David Koresh and the Waco siege I’d run a mile.  Under different circumstances  that scenario is entirely possible , but the band in question is no ordinary band, the band in question is the Indelicates.  Their third album ‘David Koresh Superstar’ tells the story of failed rock star turned cult leader David Koresh in linear fashion based on the assumption that the persecuted messiah is possibly a tad  mistaken about his divinity. Of course to base an entire album on such a premise, not unlike the authorities handling of the actual Waco siege, could  go horribly wrong, but due to the intelligence of the narrative and the quality of the songs The Indelicates somehow pull it off.  It works as a piece of musical theatre, as a contemporary pop album but perhaps what makes it such an achievement is the fact that the story stays with you long after the album’s finished playing, leaving you with a very real sense that you have experienced the album rather than just listened to it.  There’s a very definite  cinematic quality; you can almost taste the Texan dust and feel the sting of tear gas which makes listening to ‘David Koresh Superstar” a genuinely entertaining and thought provoking experience. Hell, this is surely the musical that Quentin Tarentino was born to make, with Christian Bale as the charismatic, manipulative cult leader perhaps?

The Indelicates - David Koresh Superstar

The album also features a number of guest stars including Carter USM’s Jim Bob, Lily Rae, David Devant & his spirit wife and Philip Jeays as well as  featuring Simon and Julia’s trademark intelligent word play and great melodies. It’s hard to pick out highlights as it all works so well as a whole, but if I  was trapped in a barn surrounded by armed officers from the ATF and forced to pick a favourite I’d probably have to go for ‘ A Single Thrown Grenade” which is strangely moving and encapsulates all that is good about the album.

Julia And Simon visited Waco and recorded the album in Texas funded by their own ‘pay what you like’  label, Corporate records, I asked Simon if he felt it vital to the whole project to visit the scene of the siege – ‘It felt necessary to go (even though there’s very little to see) but I don’t think we made any changes based on it. It confirmed my sense of what the air felt like – and you can really get how fast and awful the spreading fire must have been in that hot, Texas wind – and I was pleased that it didn’t make me feel like I’d got the tone of it wrong. The only real change we made on the basis of stuff we found out in texas was changing ‘blood group’ to ‘blood type’ on the advice of our Texan producer...’    It’s certainly an album that you feel could only exist outside of the mainstream, but is  there  a danger that people who are loud of mouth and short on logic could misinterpret the album? Indeed when the project was first mooted  The Indelicates  have , on occasion, received some  rather bizarre e-mails on the subject. I wondered if such misinterpretations  gave them pause for thoughtSimon : I’m not saying I don’t worry about it, but there’s me worrying and there’s things we make – the two don’t cross over. It will bother me a lot if I get attacked, but that doesn’t even approach being a reason to do or not do anything.”

Simon Cowell knows  never to overestimate the great British public and it would of course be churlish and somewhat patronising for me to do the same. However my only concern for the album is that in the age of the single track download and dwindling attention spans I do wonder how people will  react to a concept album based on religious extremism, sex,  salacious media coverage,  a bumbling government, madness and death.  Again this would not be a reason not to do anything, because pandering to the mainstream gets you N-Dubz and Take That and this is an album that deserves to be heard.

For my part and there is no road to Damascus conversion here, I will still generally avoid musicals ( Aside from ‘My Fair Lady’ obviously) like the plague, I will yield to no-one in my apparently controversial view  that ‘Tommy’ is complete and utter piffle and will no doubt feel my soul contract when I hear Ben Elton is set to write  a  series of rock operas about the fall of the Berlin wall based on the collective musical output  of The Scorpions ,  Scooter and  David Hasslehoff .  However ‘DKS’ stands apart from these things, it is in some ways almost the  ‘anti-musical’  for it avoids many of the genres pitfalls such as  hysterical melodrama,   awkward lyrics and  mawkish sentimentality.    It is also unquestionably an artistic, musical and conceptual triumph  and whilst being born of the mediums we label as ‘the musical’ and ‘pop music’ it somehow transcends genres to become something else entirely.

   Album rating 9/10.

The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast Episode 1- April 2011.

The VPME Podcast


Ever dreamt about  listening to music presented by somebody who looks like Bill Oddie‘s  tiny wizened scrotum with a sad little face drawn on it, yet who sounds like an intoxicating mix of  Ian McCulloch fused with Ringo Starr inside a beehive situated  in Brookside Close ? You have? Well listen to The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast Episode 1- April 2011 Cloudcast on Mixcloud or below for musical and spiritual fulfillment.

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[Ps you can scroll through the podcast by clicking on the bar right at the bottom of the ‘cast’  if you so wish]

Thanks to Cat fom Pris, Drew From Islington Boys Club, Julia from the Indelicates, Laura from Dimbleby and Capper, Sarah from Let’s Buy Happiness and Dave Cromwell from NYC.

2010 – Review Of The Year- Part 1

2010 Review Of The Year -THE VPME

Review of 2010-Part 1

Mixing pop and politics he asks me what the use is
I offer him embarrassment and my usual excuses.”

The charts have always been a refuge for the terminally bland, drawing in the vain, the vacuous and the deluded in the same way a dog turd attracts swarms of greedy flies. But this year the cacophony of corporate auto tuned drivel that’s dominated the airwaves seemed even more depressing than usual, I mean they don’t even pretend it’s about music anymore!!  If the year’s charts were truly representative of ‘pop music’ in the 21st century then I would hack off my ears and start painting sunflowers on my bottom.  So. . . what really happened in 2010 ?


Well, as ever the ‘record industry’ appeared to be light years behind technology as the corporate giants persisted in the myth that illegal downloaders were solely to blame for  the drop in the sales of recorded music.  Of course plummeting music sales over the last decade had nothing to do with the rise in popularity of console games, smart phone apps, streaming music services, the way people now engage and interact with music, or the fact that the quality of music the labels actually produced was often nothing short of abysmal. We are talking N-Dubz,  Katy Perry, The Wanted, Tinchy Stryder, JLS, The Jonas Brothers and Cheryl Cole for starters.  I mean, let’s face it , the nations yoof aren’t really going to be tempted away from their X-Boxes, I phone apps, or streaming music services by offering up their hard earned cash to purchase  Scouting For Girls latest musical abomination are they? So who is really to blame? Technology? Or those who refuse to embrace it? More on this later. . .

The year started in tragic fashion; the huge earth quake that devastated Haiti was of course dreadful, as were the two ‘big’ charity records that followed in the aftermath. From America, we were given a re-recording of the abysmal ‘We Are The World’ with the performers seemingly blissfully unaware of their own governments shameful economic policies that have been ruthlessly pursued to protect American corporate interests yet at the same time have devastated Haiti’s agricultural and manufacturing base, leaving them the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Musically the UK was  not to be out done and Simon Cowell ensured his imminent canonisation by presenting a warblefest in excelcis with a truly lamentable cover of R.E.M’s.classic ‘Everybody(’s Ears) Hurts,’ featuring musical giants such Kylie Minogue, Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis, Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart and Susan Boyle.  Yes, yes, I know it’s a worthy cause, but why not send the Haitians money directly? Or even money to STOP charity records forever and wouldn’t it be nice if Cowell, Lionel Ritchie, Quincy Jones et all had been a little more vocal and caring in the past over Haiti’s problems, pre-earthquake? But that’s not quite as opportunistic as a nice disaster is it and crikey it might even get political which could damage future potential sales!

Smashie and Nicey-THE VPME

Amongst early album releases which piqued our interest at VP Towers were Dag For Dag’s ‘Boo’ and BBC’s Sound Of 2010 runner up, Marina And The Diamonds  début  ‘ The Family Jewels’ … alas the mainstream charts remained interminably shite.  Lady Ga Ga, hailed by many as the most innovative and original performer of her generation continued in her role as the most successful, groundbreaking, boundary pushing, sexually provocative Madonna impersonator the world has ever seen.  At one point she even wore a dress made completely of meat to prove she, wasn’t,  y’know, like, a piece of meat. All complete bollocks d’jour of course, but she now appears to be ‘critic proof’ with columnists desperate to curry favour with Team Ga-Ga as they hang on to her every contrived, rehearsed utterance almost as if she is about to impart the meaning of life itself.   In March Damon Albarn finally produced his masterpiece with Gorillaz’s remarkable ‘Plastic Beach’ an album of breathtaking scope and depth and one which reinvigorated and indeed reinvented the whole idea of the ‘concept album’.  Gorillaz dire warnings of impending environmental catastrophe seemed somewhat prophetic when on the April 20 there was a huge explosion at the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig causing a devastating oil leak which led to substantial damage to the marine and wildlife habitat around the Gulf Of Mexico.  In fact it was very much a year of leaks.

‘Hands & Knees’ By Dag för Dag

Albums of course still leaked and Geoff Taylor of the BPI described illegal downloading, somewhat over emotionally, as ‘a parasite that threatens to deprive a generation of talented young people of their chance to make a career in music, and is holding back investment in the fledgling digital entertainment sector.” Not Simon Cowell you note, as he is able to  grease the record labels sweaty palms whilst he exploits a generation of young people, pocketing millions in the process, no it’s you, sitting there on your PC, you, the music fan are the enemy within. Shame on you!  Meanwhile instead of trying to hang on to an old broken ‘business model’ other bands were looking at new ways of giving music to music fans in a format that they actually wanted.  The Indelicates set up their own label, ‘Corporate Records’ whose mission statement read ‘As the traditional music industry struggles to adapt to the challenge of the internet, we make it simple for musicians to share, sell and promote their work. Sell single tracks or group them into multiple albums, set minimum prices or use a pay-what-you-like system, embed your tracks in blogs and share static download links on twitter and facebook. Corporate Records is designed to reflect the music market that exists and to make it easy for artists to get all they can from it.’ They also self released their second album, ‘Songs For Swinging Lovers’ which showed talent doesn’t need big budgets, just vision and belief. (Ok, ok,  a big budget would help, but would the end product really be any better and which is more important? )

But it wasn’t just the new kids on the block who’d embraced the possibilities and new opportunities that the digital age could bring, Indie veterans Ash finished their A-Z series in September 2010, a digital subscription service by which the band ambitiously released twenty six singles in one year- basically one song every  two weeks. Subscribers also received exclusive material plus the chance to grab limited edition merchandise, signed promos, gig tickets, etc etc. This made fans feel they were being included, not excluded or ripped off by a faceless corporate entity.   Meanwhile diminutive reformed sex pygmy and internet denouncer Prince, proved that you literally can’t give away his music these days as he surreptitiously attempted to slip his latest album  ‘20Ten’ into millions of copies of the Daily Mirror. The pocket-sized Jehovah’s Witness hailed the giveaway of his album as one of the most exciting developments of his entire career. Alas after hearing the album many did not share ‘His Purplenesses’ enthusiasm!  Back over on ‘Plastic Beach’ Gorillaz gave away (to subscribers) what is alleged to be the first album to be recorded on an I-pad entitled ‘The Fall’, on Christmas Day

‘Amarillo’ By Gorillaz

Without doubt the year’s biggest leaks came from Wiki Leaks. In April they posted a video which showed Iraqi civilians and journalists seemingly being killed by US forces. But this was a mere aperitif to the main course when they released the Afghan War Diaries consisting of more than 76,900 documents. This was soon followed by the Iraq War Logs and U.S. State department diplomatic cables. Another kind of leak, purportedly from a split condom, landed Wiki Leaks founder and Man Of  The Year, Julian Assange, in hot water, a situation which currently sees him under house arrest in the U.K. at the behest of the CIA Swedish judiciary following claims of sexual impropriety.

Wiki Leaks Condoms

Sarah Palin proved that  she and her wacky ‘Tea Party’ friends are just about as crazy as shit house rats by claiming that Assange  should be ‘pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders’ This from the women who said in an interview with right wing screwball Glenn Beck, obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.”

Facebook and Twitter went from strength to strength whilst MySpace cleverly transformed itself into an unusable, shambolic mess, proving once again, that Murdoch’s money poisons all that  it touches. The Twitterati went into mourning after their benevolent father Stephen Fry apparently withdrew from the social networking site after not saying that women aren’t generally too keen on making the beast with two backs, and certainly not saying it’s the price they are willing to pay for a relationship”. Bottom spanked, and suitably chastened, Stephen soon returned to merrily tweet away about his love for the Apple God, Norwich City FC and sweetmeats in the shape of ironmongery. Order was restored in the Twitterverse.

Stephen Fry Quits Twitter?

The Brit awards were as pathetically irrelevant as ever, a fact confirmed by the bestowing of a ‘lifetime achievement” award on Gods own red-coat,  Robbie Williams, who, desperate to revive his flagging career, teamed up again with Take That. Williams and Gary Barlow also gave us the most cringe-worthy, smug, homo-neurotic -unerotic video in history with the utterly dreadful ‘Shame.’ A song that demonstrated that your average six year old has greater lyrical dexterity than these two gurning chumps.

Liam Gallagher also made a prize plumb of himself at the same awards, openly snubbing his brother Parker from Thunderbirds look-a-like Noel, and tossing his award into the crowd. The evenings host, chubby comic Peter Kaye merely stated what many had been saying for years.

Liam however was none too happy and later tweeted with one imagines, a furiously furrowed mono-brow, whilst summoning up his famed poetic eloquence “Listen up fat fuck, As a real northerner I was brought up 2 say shit 2 people’s faces not behind their back. Live forever LG

Meanwhile The XX took the Mercury Prize and also wowed fans at Glastonbury.

In other awards ceremony fun, James Corden and Patrick Stewart clashed, which gave Corden ample opportunity to  demonstrate just why he is regarded as the unfunniest man in the country, if not the world, his half witted ripostes to Stewart’s equally bizarre insults were the stuff of TV Hell.  And let’s face it Corden’s had some stiff competition from a seemingly endless supply of singularly unfunny comics who were  inexplicably given their own TV shows this year. I give you, John Bishop, (Stan Boardman with botox and veneers) Michael McIntyre ( Derek Nimmo without the humility) , Rhod Gilbert (Max Boyce without the jokes), Russell Howard (George Formby minus the charm or ukulele)  and Frankie Boyle (A Netto Gerry Sadowitz, without the point ) to name but a few.

Glastonbury At 40 THE VPME

Glastonbury celebrated its 40th Anniversary and was a remarkable occasion due in no small part  to alcohol, great music, bonhomie and the most intense heat I’ve experienced outside of a microwave (review here.) Despite the populist view that Gorillaz headlining performance was something of a disappointment I found the experience of sitting in a huge valley in Somerset listening to ‘Plastic Beach’ a quite magical event, in direct contrast to the feelings encountered by around 80,000 festival-goers who briefly abandoned music to watch  England’s abject humiliation at the hands of Germany during the World Cup.  Other festivals saw the Libertines reunite ( Reading and Leeds) and erm, ELP (High Voltage Festival)  Sadly  the Love Parade festival in Germany in which twenty one people  were killed and around five hundred were  injured highlighted the dangers of cramming too many people into one area in the name of maximising profits.

Then there was the general election and it all started so innocently with the hilarious David Cameron poster campaign, mercilessly lampooned by the likes of where it was possible to generate your own campaign posters. Cameron’s airbrushed, faux, earnest integrity quickly became a laughing stock as the posters went ‘viral’ (we had to join in of course-see below)

David Cameron Von Pip

However grumpy old Gordon Brown (with ‘a smile as weak as an anaemic winters sun glinting off a coffin plate’) was not exactly fleet of foot during the election campaign and found himself in ‘humble-pie’ mode after privately describing former Labour voter Gillian Duffy, as a ‘bigot.’  Alas for Brown the all hearing ears of  Sky News picked up this unguarded remark via a mic that was still switched on.  But was he correct? Was he merely making a private comment that many may agree with?  Invariably a conversation that starts with ‘and all those immigrants from Eastern Europe’ can often presage something much more sinister and is precisely the sort of comment that can be filed in the same category as ” look, I’ve  got nothing against ‘em, I love Whitney Houston and I love a good curry… BUT. . .”…You obviously don’t need a map to see where this ends.  However Gillian Duffy, it transpired, did…

Gillian Duffy And Gordon Brown Von Pip

And then we had the TV debates on a set that had many commentators comparing the whole exercise to a rather dull version of the TV show ‘Blind Date’ (which when you think about how things transpired, isn’t too far away from the truth.) The TV discussions were all about Nick Clegg, everybody loved him, his brand of refreshing honesty and integrity won over the public and spawned the slogan, ‘I Agree With Nick’. A phrase which now of course, sticks in the craw like a putrid  slice of Miss Haversham’s yellowed, decayed, fungus infused wedding cake.  If you look in the Oxford Dictionary today the definition for Clegg should read: [noun] “someone who tells lies” or simply “Twat.” Oddly The Liberal Democrats performance in the general election was surprisingly muted, given the TV hyperbole, but after a hung parliament was delivered by the nation, Clegg still ended up Deputy Prime minister. He’d apparently decided that principles weren’t really necessary as he quickly jumped into to bed with David Cameron whilst simultaneously shafting his own party and voters. The only good thing to come out of the election was the decimation of the BNP’s vote.

UK election Hung Parliament 2010

The tuition fees debacle caused riots on the streets of London with Conservative HQ being occupied, much to the annoyance of Dan Bull who spotted a gap in the market and wrote one of the year’s most annoying dittys, a protest song, protesting against protesters, which included possibly the most patronising opening line ever.  For those who say rioting has never achieved anything I’d say read your history books, I for one was proud to see the youngsters leading the way and showing that this rank and corrupt coalition should be opposed at every turn.

Another devastating  blow for the coalition came when David Cameron’s hipster credentials took a severe hammering.  Johnny Marr banned David Cameron from liking The Smiths music, in this tweet “David Cameron, stop saying that you like The Smiths, no you don’t. I forbid you to like it.” Morrissey soon joined in the fun stating  “It was not for such people that either ‘Meat Is Murder’ or ‘The Queen is Dead’ were recorded;” This echoed Paul Weller’s comments when he was informed that David Cameron was a big fan of ‘Eton Rifles.’ In fact maybe now the first time voters who were conned by Cameron’s oily charm can relate to the Modfather’s 2008  rant when he said of the Conservatives “I think they were absolute fucking scum – especially Thatcher, who I think should be shot as a traitor to the people. I still think that, and nothing will ever change my opinion. We’re still feeling the effects of what they did to the country now, and probably always will: the whole breakdown of communities, trade unions, the working class – the dismantling of lots of things.” And yes ladies and gents, boys and girls it’s happening all over again!

Cameron And Murdoch  THE VPME

Thus far the coalition’s one success has been their propaganda victory (ably assisted by  the guiding hand of the chief puppeteer, Rupert Murdoch and his media machine ) in  convincing the country that it’s actually the public sector who caused the financial crisis not the bankers. To quote Bill Bailey ‘It’s genius, evil genius.’ And just to prove the coalition were taking us back to the Eighties, Phil Fucking Collins returned to the album charts with his trademark nasal mewling and sweaty top-lip. Do us a favour Phil, buy a decongestant and f**k off back to Switzerland.

Back To The 80's With The Co-alition Government

“I Hate The 80’s” By The Vaselines

There were devastating floods in Pakistan, Chilean miners,  riots around the word due to austerity measures and the X Factor runners up murdered David Bowie’s wonderful mini epic ‘Heroes,’ a song  about two lovers who meet in the shadow of the Berlin wall, which had all its sweeping, elegant, cold war majesty stripped from it and was rendered absolutely lifeless by the karaoke brigade.  These I’m sure you are acutely aware, are all signs of the impending Apocalypse. Cowell’s unrelenting sodomy of popular culture continued unabated and bizarrely he was even being accepted as a force for good as he continued to stretch the link between talent and success to breaking point. People have called me elitist in the past due to my hatred of all things X Factor, but really, when you think about it, is there really anything more elitist than sniggering from a perceived position of superiority as young, naive people are humiliated on TV by very rich, very smug people in the name of ‘entertainment’? It’s cruel, its nasty and it’s Bread and Circuses.

Cheryl Cole continued to cement her place in the public’s hearts as national sweetheart, her alleged racist brawling now well and truly airbrushed from her resume. We all make mistakes of course, and Cole’s sexless, joyless, mimed clunking performance at the Brit Awards was yet another clanger and also a crime against music.  In other news Green Day decided to change their name to “Glee Day” and clambered aboard the  jazz hands a go-go high school musical bandwagon as ‘American Idiot’ was turned into a Broadway musical, proving they are about as punk rock as my Aunt Maud.  Has anybody sold out this much since Nick Clegg ?    Hollywood once again demonstrated it’s uncanny ability to waste money is second to none, with only ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Megamind’ shining some light on the turbid sea of celluloid shite.

It was a year that proved truth is stranger than fiction when the former England international footballer Paul Gascoigne, arrived in the Northumbrian town of Rothbury to offer his support to gunman Raoul Moat, who was in an armed stand-off with police. Gazza arrived armed with gifts for killer ‘Moaty’ including “a can of lager, some chicken, a mobile phone and something to keep warm”.  A situation which prompted his incredulous agent to splutter  “He’s doing what? I am sitting having an evening meal in Majorca. I’m speechless.”

(Full  Gazza Interview below)

It was also the year in which people continued to go to gigs and talk or shout through songs, which always pisses me off.

And it was  the year in which David Beckham’s relentless campaign for a knighthood took a slight wobble after England’s failed World Cup bid. However Paloma Faith’s Damehood is surely now in the bag?

And 2010 was the year in which the BBC finally confirmed they too shared the same view as the rest of the country with regard to culture secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Jeremy Hunt Cunt

So all in all a shite year in which we said goodbye to Malcolm McLaren, Ari Up, Dennis Hopper, Jay Reatard, Kate McGarrigle, Mark Linkous, Alexander McQueen, JD Salinger, Frank Sidebottom, Lena Horne, Michael Foot, Alex Chilton, Tony Curtis, Jean Simmons, Gregory Isaacs, Captain Beefheart, Ronnie James Dio and Turkey magnate, Bernard Matthews (who was rumoured to have booked James Blunt to play at his funeral). Perhaps the most bizarre death was ELO founding member Mike Edwards who surely was mistakenly dealt Norman Wisdom’s death card and was killed by huge runaway bale of hay which rolled down a hill. ‘The good die first, And they whose hearts are dry as summer dust Burn to the socket’ which would possibly explain why Thatcher still refuses to shuffle off this mortal coil. We also said hello again to Suede, Pulp, The Libertines and erm, Take That with Chimpy Williams.

There were many marvellous moments in 2010- Glasto, NYC, Italy, interviewing one of my heroes from The Jesus And Mary Chain,  Jim Reid, and Emma Anderson from Lush popping into VP Towers.  We also managed to put a few great bands on, locally before the recession bit deep , such as The Indelicates .


And for balance there were some mighty deep down and dirty lows. The year ended with snow, in winter of all seasons!! Or ‘Snow-meggeddon’ as described by The Daily Mail and the UK ground to a juddering halt. Well we really do need a rest to regroup and prepare for battle against the forces of evil that threaten our very existence in 2011 ie/ The Coalition 😉

So that was my year, how about yours?  In part 2 of our round up we  ask some musical chums to share their thoughts as they reflect back on 2010.

The VPME on The Mudhut Podcast

Mudhut and The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast


Those nice chaps at Mudhut Digital asked if I’d like to be involved in their excellent podcast, well it would be rude to say no. And so I decided to break cover, have a chat  and pick my five current favourite songs.  Have a listen and decide whether I have that classic laconic John Peel drawl, sound like a slightly worse for wear (is there any other type,)  Ian McCulloch or is it more  Ken Dodd after gargling razor blades kind of vibe?  Some great songs  too ( well I did pick em 😉  ) . . .  and not a diddy man in sight.

“Von Pip Take-over!

Author of one of the best read UK music blogs Andy Von Pip introduces 5 crackin’ tunes from bands for you to look out for next year…”

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Something For The Weekend-w/e 09/07/2010

This week , Chapel Club,  Frankie Rose and The Outs, Dreamend, The Indelicates, Marina And The Diamonds,  Juliette Lewis, Metric, Kyshera, Creation Records-“Doing It For The Kids”



Chapel Club Free Download

Chapel Club Free Download

Chapel Club offer a free download of ‘The Shore’  this week . We caught them at Glasto, they were of course, ace.

Interview here


Frankie Rose and the Outs Free Download

Frankie Rose and The Outs Free Download

Ahead for their debut album due for release on Memphis Industries on 27 September 2010 Frankie Rose and The Outs have a free download of  the galloping reverb symphony that is  “Little Brown Haired Girls”

Rose has been a member of Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and Vivian Girls, Rose has finally found the perfect vehicle for her musical inspiration.

To be honest, I like so much music,” says Rose, “and never know what influences are going to come out. For me, song writing is more about evoking certain feelings than the lyrics or anything else. Hell, sometimes I don’t even know what the songs mean.”

We love all the bands she’s been in and cannot wait for the album, plus we shouldn’t say this but “She makes us feel kind of funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.”


Dreamend –Magnesium Light- Free Download.

Dreamend Free Download

Dreamend’s album, ‘So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite’ (SIAMBbB) is the latest release from a member of the peculiar electronic band, Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Dreamend is, to all intents, Ryan Graveface, the proprietor of Chicago based independent label Graveface Records, home to a dizzyingly varied bunch of bands (including the aforementioned Black Moth Super Rainbow). The album was recorded with help from members of another Graveface band The Appleseed Cast and was curated by Tobacco of Black Moth fame.   It was given a final mix by John Congleton of The Paper Chase.

With SIAMBbB, Dreamend diverges from the synth-pop of Black Moth to take on a nightmarish American folk sound that evokes the faded scenery of ghost towns and eerie midnight drives.  Musically Dreamend rely heavily on Delverancesque banjo, bells, distorted guitar and drums, organ, fearlessly honest vocals and intensely melodic refrains.

Whilst the album can be listened to as series of catchy atmospheric folk songs there is also a narrative thread of a character who acts on his destructive fantasies and descends into madness and murder.


The Indelicates new video ‘Flesh’

Featuring a sinister Tony Soprano New Jersey style cameo from NYC Blogger Dave Cromwell. ‘Are you talkin’to me’ ;)



Marina and The Diamonds New Video ‘Oh No’


Juliette Lewis “Uh-Huh”

As mad as a box of frogs, you do wonder if, when Juliette Lewis was an actor, playing nutters, serial killers and all manner of unhinged fruit cakes,  was she actually acting or just being herself. She scares us, but her latest single is her poppiest yet and we like the tune LOTS. The video we can’t quite work out, but the keen eyed may spot ‘Cape Fear’ in there. We saw Juliette live last year and it was possibly one of the most barkingly mad, intense, incandescent performances we’ve ever seen. Amazing really, defo worth seeing live. Crackers is fun.



We are not a fan of Hollyoakes with fangs, we find it lazy, foppish and well, just a bit shite,   but we love Metric and Emily Haines and we thank them for adding interest to a movie franchise that had all the depth of Hervé Villechaiz’s jacuzzi.


Kyshera -‘Paradigim’


If Dylan Thomas had listened to Radiohead. . .Kyshera are from Wales and produce impassioned, literate rock that conjures up ‘Holy Bible’ era Manics  with a  nod to the incendiary adrenailane fuelled stadia straddling  epicness of  Muse ,  Sky Ferreira fans need not apply …Check out this album track “The Servant” from their forthcoming album ‘Paradigim’.


Retro Tracks Of  The Week

All from the seminal Creation Records compilation “Doing It For The Kids” which proves what great taste Alan McGee had, pre-Oasis.

House Of Love-Christine

Felt– Ballad Of The Band

Momus-A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17-24)


Something For The Weekend -w/e 9th April 2010

This week Sienking Ships Ft Miki Berenyi, The Indelicates, Band Of Horses, Little  Majorette, Dance To The Radio, Nina Nastassia, Mazzy Star and Hope Sandoval.

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Sienking Ships ft Miki Berenyi.

Seinking Ships-Museum Quality Capture

S-Curve Records has signed a deal with former Sub Pop recording artist Eric Matthews, to release a new project he has put together under the name Seinking Ships.  Matthews has collaborated with Ohio musician Christopher Seink to record the album ‘Museum Quality Capture’, which the duo describe as “80’s new wave soundtrack music”.  Mainly instrumental, the album is notable as marking the first significant return to recording for Miki Berenyi since the break-up of her former group Lush in 1996 – Berenyi contributes vocals on three tracks.  The album is due for release in the USA on S-Curve June 8.

Sienking Ships feature

Miki Berenyi/ Eric Matthews/ Christopher Seink interview

Sienking Ships

Miki Berenyi Fans myspace


The Indelicates -‘Sympathy For The Devil’

Freed from the economic constraints of the pre-internet music industry they see very little point in the traditional ‘single’. Consequently, rather than produce expensive videos in order to market choice tracks from the album that will be sold at a loss in order to boost album sales – they will be making videos for every track on the album and releasing them over the next six months. This, for track ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, is the first.

Next week, they will be unveiling the latest corporate records innovation – the ‘social single’, a facebook app that asks you to invite friends in order to listen to a track – and webcasting a live playthrough of the album from their house: follow @theindelicates on twitter for more details. and friend Simon or Julia on facebook for a social single invite…

The Digital Economy Bill will likely be passed, undebated, tonight – But the Indelicates believe (the balance of our rights notwithstanding)  that there is a bright future for music with or without it – If you can’t beat them, make them obsolete. Fuck signed and unsigned, baby, this is the era of the unsignable.


Band Of Horses-‘Compliments’ Free Video

Having just “killed it” at SXSW, according to the New York Times, Band of Horses, the Low Country’s premier rock n’ roll outfit, release their third full length LP, entitled ‘Infinite Arms’, on May 18th through Columbia Records.

The band have made a video for the song ‘Compliments’ available as a free stream and download via their website, Produced by Band of Horses with additional production from Phil Ek and mixed by Dave Sardy, the songs on ‘Infinite Arms’ project the essence of the different locales across America that became the setting for the recording and songwriting process behind the album. The rich musical heritage of Muscle Shoals, AL, the sublime beauty of Asheville’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the glamorous Hollywood Hills and the vast Mojave desert all influenced the sounds on ‘Infinite Arms’ and helped yield the group’s most focused and dynamic recordings to date. The serene woods of Northern Minnesota and the band’s native Carolinas inspired the songwriting, lending the compositions an air of comfort and familiarity.

Band of Horses is Ben Bridwell, Creighton Barrett, Ryan Monroe, Tyler Ramsey and Bill Reynolds. Long time touring members of the group, ‘Infinite Arms’ marks the recording debut of Ramsey and Reynolds, while Barrett and Monroe graced the last album, ‘Cease to Begin’. Through touring together in support of ‘Cease to Begin’ and during breaks in the ‘Infinite Arms’ recording process, the band have become a cohesive force with all members making invaluable contributions to the unmistakable sound that founder Bridwell has crafted since the band’s inception.

Trivia ; I have a Mancunian friend who first alerted me to this band, unfortunately due to her comedy Coronation Street accent it sounded like she’d said ” ey up, ‘ave you heeerd Band of ‘Arses ? They’re propa  gud” . Took me a while to realise that “‘Arses” is how Mancunians say “horses”. 😉  As in eeeeeee, ‘ave you got “‘Arses” – By Patti Smith?” For clarity this is a joke and my mancunian freinds also chuckle at my ridiculous accent …we do have such fun.


Little Majorette

Little Majorette are and Anglo Swedish trio featuring Zoe Durrant formerly of the criminally under appreciated Havana Guns and Rock City Sixteen.  Their first single is “Bite The Bullet” , which can only be described as quirky, yet sultry…and insanely catchy…

Here’s the video, which features quirkiness, sultriness and a rather nice majorettes hat…


Dance To The Radio : Still Occupied Though You Forget

Album preview below (use arrows to scroll through tracks)

Released Saturday 17th Apr 2010
Available on 12″ vinyl

2010 is the year Dance To The Radio, the Leeds independent label turns 5 years old. To celebrate this fact the label is reuniting some of the class of 2005 who appeared on the first Dance To The Radio release, Dance To The Radio : Leeds (DTTR002), with a new school of Dance To The Radio bands.

Dance To The Radio : Still Occupied Though You Forget features new material from The Sunshine Underground, Honour Before Glory (Whiskas / ¡Forward, Russia!) plus an exclusive preview of new material from I Like Trains. Joining the old guard will be a mix of the current Dance To The Radio roster and a selection of our favourite bands from around the world with Paul Thomas Saunders, Rose Elinor Dougall, Bear In Heaven, Club Smith, Three Trapped Tigers, Oberhofer, Bear Hands and (The) Tony Castles joining the party

Released on a glorious 12” picture disc the label will be joining the worldwide celebrations for Record Store Day. Dance To The Radio has also promised £2 of every 12” record sold through the DTTR store will go to the UNICEF, helping out with the current world disasters.

Dance To The Radio : Still Occupied Though You Forget is released on very limited 12” (with a code to download the tracks) on Saturday April 17th 2010 and on Digital Download on April 26th 2010.


Nina Nastassia

Nina Nastassia

Preceding the June release of ‘Outlaster‘, seminal American singer / songwriter Nina Nastasia’s first album in three years, comes a new 2-track digital single. The opening track from the new album, ‘Cry, Cry, Baby’ serves as both a neat re-introduction to Nina’s work and in particular, to the sumptuous new sound of the album – a lush, orchestrated sophistication that, with no loss of distinction or economy, transcends the traditional reach of her famed spareness.

Recorded once more with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, Nina engaged Los Angeles musician and arranger Paul Bryan (whose collaborative credits include Aimee Mann, Grant Lee Phillips & others, and who’s worked as an instrumentalist with Allen Toussaint, Mavis Staples, Lucinda Willams, & many more) to adapt her songs into a score for a small orchestra. Then Nina and her long-time companion / collaborator Kennan Gudjonsson assembled string and woodwind quartets, finding the perfect complement with drummer Jay Bellerose (of Nina’s critically acclaimed albums ‘The Blackened Air’ & ‘On Leaving’) and Chicago guitarist Jeff Parker (Tortoise).

And here’s a free download of another track from the album “You’re A Holy Man” (provided by One Little Indian / FatCat Records)


Retro Track Of  The Week

Mazzy Star- “Fade Into You”

Hope Sandoval

And Hope Sandoval is on tour in May 2010…



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